T&L News(77)

  • Computer Mania Day's Digital Guest Speaker
    Attendees at Computer Mania Day, an event designed to get girls interested in technology and computing careers, will be greeted by Jennifer Webb, a 3-D, digitally animated 8th grader.
  • America's Digital Schools 2007
    America's Digital Schools 2007, designed to gather information on technology use in American schools, is inviting technology directors to respond to its new online survey.
  • Technology Brings History to Life
    Technology – including computers, the Internet and virtual museums – is helping transform the way students learn history, making it more enjoyable and more likely to be remembered.
  • Cell Phone Debate Continues
    Three years after Florida passed a law allowing students to carry cell phones on school campuses, districts are still trying to find the best ways to control the use of those phones during school time.
  • MySpace Tests News Service
    MySpace, best known as the place to meet and greet on the Net, had launched MySpace News, a service that finds and posts news stories and allows users to rate them.