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Week of: June 11, 2007

  • Marin County Educators Embrace Technology
    Schools across California's Marin County are using technology — computer graphics, videoconferencing, laptop computers — to enrich their students' everyday classroom experience.
  • Students Attend Technology Camp
    Technology camp is one more example of St. Charles Parish schools' dedication to putting technology directly into the hands of students.
  • Babes in Electronic Device Land
    Children are starting to use electronic devices earlier and earlier, with the average age of initial use declining from 8.1 years in 2005 to 6.7 years in 2007, according to research from NPD Group
  • Australian Teachers To Get Computers
    Over the next four years every teacher in Australia's Queensland province will receive a laptop computer for their classroom, thanks to a new $70 million program.
  • Livescribe's Paper-Based Computing
    The new Livescribe may look like a pen, but it's really the newest mobile computing platform, complete with a computer chip, microphone and camera.