T&L News(93)

Week of: September 3, 2007

  • Kansas City To Launch Laptop Program
    The Kansas City, Kansas school district will be supplying laptops to all 5,500 of its high school students.
  • Biometric Lunch Payment System
    The Circleville schools are joining a select group of Ohio school districts using new fingerprint technology to allow students to pay for lunch by merely touching their fingertip to a scanner.
  • Easing Up on Cell Phones
    Middle school students in Montgomery County, MD will join their high school peers and be allowed to carry their cell phones this school year, though they must remain turned off.
  • U.K. Considers Online Access to Student Data
    The British government is considering a requirement that would allow parents to access information about their children online.
  • College Students Use Web To Study
    A recent survey indicates that nearly 60% of college students use online tools to help them keep up with course work and prepare for exams.