T&L News(94)

Week of: September 10, 2007

  • Tech Valley High Launches
    New York's Tech Valley High's first class of 40 students will use the latest technology to pursue their studies in a nontraditional program modeled on San Diego's High Tech High model.
  • $90 Million for PA's Classroom of the Future
    Pennsylvania's Classroom of the Future program is distributing $90 million this school year to support the technology transformation of ordinary high school classrooms.
  • E-Rate Performance Measures
    As part of its efforts to safeguard the Universal Service Fund from waste, fraud, and abuse, the Federal Communications Commission adopted performance measures for all four Universal Service Fund programs, including the E-rate program.
  • Technology Upgrades for Tennessee Schools
    Students returning to classrooms across the mid-Tennessee region are finding them equipped with new technology-based resources.
  • NASA Images Added to Internet Archive
    A partnership between NASA and the Internet Archive will make thousands of images from various NASA missions available through a single, searchable Web site.