T&L News(97)

Week of: October 1, 2007

  • Parents Watchful of Children's Web Use
    The vast majority of parents are proactive about keeping their children safe on the Internet, talking to them about how to be smart and stay safe while online.
  • Sally Ride Sparks Girl's STEM Interests
    Sally Ride may have left NASA's space shuttle program, but she continues her efforts to encourage girls to nurture their childhood love of math and science and she's being joined by Educator Astronaut Barbara Morgan.
  • OLPC Says "Give 1 Get 1"
    The One Laptop Per Child, the organization dedicated to providing laptop computers to the nearly two billion children of the developing world, is asking for a little help.
  • More Support for Kansas City Laptop Initiative
    A community group, Economy One, has offered to provide free home Internet access to 100 student leaders in support of the Kansas City, KS Laptops for Learning program.
  • Utah Launches OpenCourseWare Alliance
    The newly launched Utah OpenCourseWare Alliance (OCW) is providing free and open access to course materials from six Utah institutions of higher education.