T&L Reviews Think Through Math

T&L Reviews Think Through Math

www.thinkthroughmath.com • Retail Price: $16 per student per year, based on a site license

Think Through Math (TTM) is a Web-based, supplemental math program for grades three through Algebra 1 that uses personalized, adaptive lesson pathways with direct instruction. As students work in the system, they receive immediate corrective feedback and, when struggling, have instant access to live certified, U.S. math teachers, including bilingual teachers, for 90 hours a week. Students earn “THINK points,” which they can donate to charities or earn rewards.

Quality and Effectiveness: Students enjoy the mixture of engagement tools and earn points for student avatars. They are able to learn and exercise math problems based on their current progress and increase the rigor as they continue through the program. The program is device agnostic, allowing multiple platforms to be used in the classroom, a must in today’s BYOD classrooms. The diversity of the types of questions (multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and interactive items) improves the rigor in the assessments:

Ease of Use: The program is easy to load and operate. Teachers can use the class dashboard to quickly review student progress. Students easily navigate the program as they continue to be successful on learning new instruction. With the ability to be used on multiple platforms, students can view their work on either a school-initiated device or their personal device. This simplifies usage in the classroom.

Creative Use of Technology: Think Through Math is an ideal learning platform that translates effectively to touch-screen devices and, on an interactive table tablet, will provide an additional level of engagement for learners who already love to interact with technology.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment: Think Through Math can be used for multiple purposes in the classroom. From whole-group lab instruction to individual learning time, TTM is easily adaptable in lessons. Games and points can be collected after school or during weekends for rewards to encourage more student participation.


• Device agnostic
• Ease of use
• For Texas schools: new lessons for new math TEKS adoptions

OVERALL RATING: This is a wonderful product that allows students and teachers to be more engaged in the learning process.