TN Elementary School Addresses CCSS Challenge With Cloud-Based Software

Robert Churchwell Museum Magnet Elementary, led by Executive Principal, Jahi Rohrer, is addressing the challenges of implementing the Common Core Standards with the help of myCore, a cloud-based solution that supports the creation of rigorous Common Core lessons.

Teachers are using the cloud-based lesson planning platform to support Strategic Design lesson-planning, a backward design approach, to create lessons that spark critical thinking in their students, as well as meet benchmarks set out in the CCSS.

“Tackling the new Common Core State Standards can be a daunting task for schools as they look to implement them in the coming school year. We set out to find a solution that will support our teachers in creating engaging, standards-based lessons that promote the critical thinking process and we found myCore,” stated Principal Rohrer. He continues, “myCore meets my teachers when and where they need support, and allows them to instantly contact a coach whenever they need additional input. We could not be happier with the way our teachers have embraced myCore, rolled up their sleeves and dug in since having access.”

The myCore platform allows teachers to create instructional units and lessons using a structured approach. For district administrators, myCore allows them to distribute their own curricula or those purchased from other vendors. The platform’s coaching interface allows teachers to get help with planning. School leaders are able to access teachers’ lessons and view reports showing which standards have been taught.

Insight Education Group CEO Dr. Michael Moody comments, “myCore was developed by teachers to provide coaching and support when and where they need it, even if a coach is not physically present. Educators across the country are working tirelessly to meet the rigors of the Common Core, and we are thrilled to see myCore supporting the teachers and leaders at Churchwell Elementary throughout the entire instructional design process.”