Top 10 Web stories

1 Why the iPad is Different

Dean Shareski sees an interesting shift occurring in his district, which leads him to think that the iPad is generating more discussion about the role of technology in learning than any tool or event to date.

2 Apps to Prepare You for Your Next Presentation or Webmeeting

Shelly Terrell shares her favorite mobile devices and apps that let you sketch out your presentation and rehearse almost anywhere.

3 Whiteboards—A Modest Proposal

Gary Stager’s opinions on IWBs and clickers.

4 10 Ways Technology Supports 21st Century Learners in Being Self Directed

Lisa Nielsen presents ten ways educators can provide opportunities for self-directed, passion-driven, personalized learning.

5 Top 10 YouTube Extras (and more)

David Kapuler shares his top ways to filter YouTube to make it safer for educational viewing and to edit YouTube videos.

6 What’s New in School Tools

A round-up of the latest edtech releases in software, hardware, and AV tools.

7 Ten Sites Supporting iPads In Education

Michael Gorman lists 10 great iPad education resource Web sites devoted to bringing the best ways to use the iPad in the classroom. They include resources, apps, lesson plans, and “apptivities.”

8 A-Z Web tools: C+D

O?zge Karaoglu’s part two of her comprehensive A-Z Web tools.

9 Tablets—We’re Almost There!

Frank Pileiro agrees that the mobile computing platform is where we need to head, but he thinks that there is a whole lot of work that needs to be done.

10 UDL, What is the Excitement all About?

Cheryl Oakes is starting to question and think like a UDL promoter. In this post, she tries to figure out what the excitement is all about.