Top 10 Web Stories, June 2012

1 Flipping the Classroom
Experts Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams outline reasons why educators should consider flipping their classrooms.

2 How to Edit PDF Forms without Adobe Acrobat
Blogger Vicki Windman reports on PDF Escape, a free online PDF editing tool.

3 Getting General Information about Your iPad
This free video tutorial includes many basics for understanding your iPad.

4 Apps for ESL Learners
Blogger Vicki Windman shares her favorite iPad apps that can benefit ESL students in a variety of ways.

5 Children’s Book Week
This site of the day offers a variety of children’s book recommendations from the Children’s Book Council.

6 Google Drive Is Here
From T&L’s EdTech Ticker comes the news about Google Drive, Google’s online file storage system that lets you upload and access all of your files.

7 instaGrok
Blogger David Andrade reviews this education search, curation, and journal site.

8 What’s New
Tech & Learning’s monthly roundup of the latest tools for schools.

9 How to Kit—Family Math
This site is filled with all sorts of math ideas that could be used in the classroom.

10 15 Sites for Finding Images and Clip Art for Education
Blogger David Kapuler offers his recommendations for images and clip art sites.