Top 10 Web Stories, November 2011

1 How iPads Can Transform the Field Notebook

Cheryl Oakes shares her story about how an iPad can be used as a field notebook.

2 One-to-One Laptops and BYOD

If you are going to implement an innovation such as one-to-one or BYOD, it must be done with purpose. Here are tips for getting these programs started.

3 A Google a Day Turns Search into Play

Bob Sprankle offers some tips for helping educators and students make the most of their searches.

4 Which Technology You Need in Your Classroom the First Month

Here are Özge Karaoglu’s tips for a tech-y start to the new year.

5 Back Office Business

See how these schools use technology to improve teaching and learning.

6 Choosing a Student Information System

Whether you are an individual school or a district looking to make a decision such as this, it helps to have a checklist handy when you begin.

7 Assess Student Work with Peer Review

Lisa Nielsen reports on SWoRD, a free Web-based peer-review system.

8 Recycling Program Boosts School Revenues

Elk County Catholic School System in St. Marys, Pennsylvania, has earned more than $25,000 through a recycling program.

9 Web Tools Every Educator Should Have in Her Bag

Hundreds of Web tools have been developed for education. Here are the most important.

10 Top 10 Sites for Online Tutoring and Teaching

Online tutoring is an ideal solution, as it can be done at home or on a computer or mobile device and is usually much cheaper than one-on-one tutors. Here are some of David Kapuler’s favorites.