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Top 100 Apps of the Year

Top 100 Apps of the Year

The app explosion continued through 2013, with digital storytelling and math being some of the most popular topics covered. Go to to click through and learn more about each product.

Buncee: Use this tool to create presentations or digital stories.
Geddit: This app is used to assess student learning on any mobile device.
EDpuzzle: Educators use this app to edit and crop a video and then add questions.
Educators App: This app turns teachers’ Web pages into mobile apps for iOS or Android.
eduClipper: This site creates a digital pin-board for curating and sharing educational content.
Book Writer: This digital storytelling app allows students to add text, images, video, and even record their own audio.
AR Flashcards: One of the most popular sites for Augmented Reality that allows educators to print out flashcards on a wide variety of subjects.
Mystery Math Museum: Ideal for game-based learning, this app for students aged 6-12 teaches basic math while they rescue dragonflies.
Level It Books: This app lets users scan a book and get a reading/Lexile level.
Quadblogging: This blogging tool lets four schools signup and blog in a “quad.”
UtellStory: This digital storytelling site allows users to upload audio, video, and photos.
Quandary: This game focuses on students’ ethical and critical thinking skills while engaging them in a sci-fi/fantasy-themed setting.
30hands: This simple digital storytelling app allows students to add a picture and then record an audio narration to tell a story.
Blendspace: This site lets teachers collect digital resources and share them with students.
StoryLines for Schools:
This iOS app helps students with sentence-building skills.
iPracticeMath: This site inclues online activities in a wide range of math topics.
SlideIdea: This iPad app lets users create engaging presentations and slideshows.
Brainstormer: Teachers generate writing prompts in three different categories: theme, setting, and location.
eduCanon: This site allows educators to edit a video and add quizzes.
Alchemy SmartBinder: Use this site to create digital lessons. Super Teacher Worksheets: A fantastic resource for educators looking to create worksheets, printables, puzzles, and more.
Animoby: This app turns an iPad into an interactive whiteboard.
Wikispaces Classroom: This site offers a place where students can create digital content in a safe, controlled space.
Story Creator: This digital storytelling app allows students to add audio narration to a story.
Jack and the Beanstalk, a Mathematical Adventure: This game app teaches math with a unique take on the Jack and the Beanstalk tale.
RoomRecess: One of my favorite new sites for educational online games.
LaunchpadEDU: An excellent portal to support the use of Launchpad iOS app.
Daisy the Dinosaur: A wonderful iPad app that teaches kids the basics of programming.
Science Heroes 1: This game focuses on all five phases of digestion through 15 levels of play.
Toonia Storymaker: This iPad app lets students create stories with 20 characters and 7 themes.
Hopscotch: This iPad app lets students assemble code and then watch as characters perform their moves.
Story Wheel: Another digital storytelling app that lets students spin a wheel and then record a story.
Write About This: This digital storytelling iPad app provides writing prompts aligned to Common Core standards.
Google Connected Classroom: This site from Google offers virtual field trips.
Math Heroes 1: Basic Operations: Students travel through over 100 math levels while practicing.
Google Play for Education: This new online site for education lets users download educational Android apps onto Google devices.
Rewordify: This site allows students to enter text and then “rewordify” their sentences.
eLearning Infographics: This is probably the best site around for finding educational infographics on any number of subjects.
Brickflow: A site for creating presentations by turning hashtags into digital stories.
Tabtor: Students watch video tutorials on a given subject and then write their answers on an iPad.
SchoolsWorld: One of my favorite new sites for finding safe educational videos.
Tangram Chess: This app allows students to recreate shapes by rotating them to the other side of the chess board.
ClassXP: A new site that uses game-based learning to help motivate students.
Easy Studio: This iPad app lets users create custom animations.
The Time Tribe: Students are immersed in adventures that explore different cultures.
StoryToolz: A wonderful site for finding and generating word prompts and other writing tools.
Free Tiiu Pix: A great place for finding safe educational videos and slideshows.
ChemDraw: A nice iPad app for HS/college students studying chemistry.
YouTube Time Machine: This fun site allows users to use YouTube to travel through time.
Graphite: A new site for finding sites and apps reviewed by educators.
Gummii: Students create an avatar and solve math equations in a Minecraft-style 3D world.
Cloudart: Create word clouds with this iPad app. The Lost Function: This in-depth math game lets students interact with characters to solve math equations.
TypeKids: A great site to teach keyboarding.
Experience Life: This iPad app introduces the different internal systems of the body.
NuSkool: This site uses pop culture-based lessons for students in grades 6-12 in math, science, English, and more.
Flowboard: Create stunning presentations with this iPad app.
Brainscape: Use this app to create multimedia flashcards that can be shared to mobile devices.
Shadow Puppet: This digital storytelling app allows students to add audio narration to a photo.
Submerge: Students learn about gamification (game-based learning) in the classroom on this site, which includes detailed game reviews.
Voki Classroom: This new Voki site allows users to create a talking avatar.
Science4Us: A wonderful science curriculum for K-2 students.
LivePrezo: This site lets users make their presentations interactive.
Balefire Labs: One of the best new sites around to find detailed educational app reviews.
The Human Body by Tinybop: A great site for teaching students about the human body.
Quest: An innovative site/Windows app for creating interactive text-based adventure games. SimCity EDU: A new site based on SimCity that is perfect for game-based learning.
Power My Learning: A wonderful site for students to find educational games, activities, printables, and more.
BrainRush: A site for creating flashcard-style games.
Tellagami: Use this iOS app to create a talking avatar that can then be placed in a story.
Fotor: A very powerful and user-friendly site for editing photos.
Weavly EDU: A great site designed for classrooms to have students create video and music mashups and presentations.
Phrasalstein: Students learn vocabulary in a medieval/horror setting.
Basher’s Presidents: This app teaches about the US Presidents.
Lucidpress: Use this site to create multimedia collaborative documents.
Mathalicious: This site provides lots of math resources and lesson plans aligned to Common Core standards.
Taught It: This free site allows educators to share all sorts of media.
Code Monster: A site for students to learn how to program in Javascript through interactive lessons.
Playback: Use this iPad app to create screencasts that can then be shared via Dropbox or exported into an mp4 file.
Explania: A fantastic site for finding educational animated videos on a wide variety of subjects that can then be embedded into a site or blog.
Metta: A great site for creating video lessons. QuestBase: Educators can use this site to create quizzes, tests, puzzles, etc., and then publish them online for students.
Math Live: An innovative site for teaching different areas of math through animated videos.
Educade: A great place for educators to find a wide variety of resources.
Sight Words Hangman: This is a fun way to teach students how to read and recognize words. Teachers can review all word lists and even generate reports.
EasyDefine: Use this site to upload words and get a definition, synonym, flashcard, and more.
Screenhero: This site/app allows users to not only share their screen with others, but remotely control another person’s computer problems.
appoLearning: Another great site for finding detailed reviews (on a 100% scale) of educational apps.
NicerTube: A fun way to share YouTube videos and remove all comments/links.
Copyright Kids: An excellent resource for students, parents, and teachers looking to find out about all issues pertaining to copyright.
TeachQuest: A new social network for educators to share resources and collaborate with parents. QR Code Maker: A simple iOS app for creating QR codes.
ScootPad: Use this site/app to collaborate online and track and analyze student data.
Teacher Gaming Network: This new social network is dedicated to gamification in the classroom.
Smart Kit: This site lists safe educational games and puzzles in a wide range of subjects.
Jukeboxlessons: A new site for educators wanting to teach or tutor online through Google Hangouts or Skype.
GazziliMath: A fun iOS app for preschoolers learning about math.
Lessonwell: An interesting new site that allows educators to create digital lessons based on different types of media (photo, videos, audio).
Memofon: A wonderfully simple site for brainstorming and creating mind maps.
Chem Pro: This iOS/Android app teaches chemistry with over 80 video lessons, an interactive periodic table, and flashcards.

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