Top MA district selects WiFi provider

Xirrus® announced today the deployment of Xirrus high performance Wi-Fi Arrays at Millis Public Schools in Millis, Massachusetts. Located approximately 19 miles southwest of downtown Boston, Millis Public Schools earned the Silver Medal status in 2010 as one of America's Best High Schools, placing them in the top 3% in the United States. Millis has been a leader in technology-driven learning programs to improve learning and communications for their 1,700 students and faculty. By Deploying Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays, Millis Public Schools has been able to further expand on their personalized learning initiative, providing solid and reliable wireless connections for their computer-based applications and 1:1 Apple® iPad initiative.

“We have always used technology in our district to help leverage teaching and learning programs,” said Grace Magley, Director of Educational Technology for Millis Public Schools. “We were looking to embrace a personalized learning initiative and needed to upgrade to a wireless solution that could support our impending wireless saturation requirements of 30 devices in every classroom, in addition to the devices brought from home. Our hallways have up to 150 devices online at any given time, so it was crucial for us to find a wireless network that could handle a 1:1 initiative while also saving us money over time. Of the five wireless vendors we researched, Xirrus was the only one that could offer a solid and reliable solution to support the density demands we required without having to place an AP in every classroom.”

Grace further explained their decision to select Xirrus by stating, “We have always been in the forefront of embracing wireless technology in our district. By selecting Xirrus we have been able to further expand on our personalized learning initiative, providing our students with access to whatever technology based applications they need to be successful. Xirrus has been integral in allowing us to propel our technology-driven learning programs.”

Grace concluded by saying, “We are still in the pilot stage of our iPad initiative but we are seeing amazing things and the Xirrus product is a huge part of its success so far. In the future, we envision implementing a complete 1:1 across our entire district. We knew whatever wireless solution we brought in had to work flawlessly and Xirrus has been extremely solid and reliable - greatly exceeding our expectations! After spending a lot of time selecting the right vendor – we feel really great about our partnership with Xirrus.”