Top Massachusetts district expands digital learning

At Newton Public Schools, a suburban school district in the Boston area, student performance is high, with 93% of the 2010 graduating class listed as going on to higher education. Ensuring that all students are well prepared for the future, however, calls for continuing to provide the best staff and instructional tools. With the recent adoption of a platform from itslearning, this district of 12,000 students and 22 schools is encouraging greater collaboration in producing and delivering personalized curriculum and learning in a new way.

“In order to support high academic achievement for all students, Newton Public Schools must provide students with a coherent and consistent curriculum that includes authentic learning experiences, a variety of assessment strategies and the use of digital tools. Selecting the right learning management platform was a critical decision for us and after much analysis we are very pleased to be partnering with itslearning on this endeavor.” said Dr. Ann Koufman-Frederick, Newton Public Schools, Deputy Superintendent for Teaching & Learning. “We have a lot of great teaching and learning programs and but we needed a system that allowed us to manage content, access and delivery while building data systems to easily track student growth and success.”

itslearning is a learning management system designed to support teaching and learning. It contains a content management and delivery system for both teachers and learners,with tools for planning and delivery of lessons to support transformation of school culture and learning outcomes. It provides the tools for stakeholders to work together to improve student learning; facilitating communication throughout the learning community and encouraging collaboration in developing, delivering and sharing effective practices.

“itslearning was selected by our district for a number of reasons," said Leo Brehm, Director of Information Technology and Library Media. "It provides high functionality along with high adoption rates, is cloud-based which is critical for our district and most importantly, we selected itslearning for their commitment to work with us to meet our specific needs.”