Top Tweets, June 2011 - Tech Learning

Top Tweets, June 2011

@ddraper: Learning Formally or Informally…?
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@ddraper: Learning Formally or Informally…? Why not both? 90% of our knowledge is a result of informal learning.

@wfryer: Here’s to the Students (and Teachers) Who Refuse to Be Standardized

@ShellTerrell: Thanks for another great #edchat. Let’s keep fighting to remove the focus on a test-driven system.

@djakes: Aren’t there more important factors to consider for moving schools forward than Facebook and Twitter and other social media?

@smeech: When tools provide access to learning experiences that are not as effective w/out em. Collaborative Adventures is a personal example.

@bengrey: The user is always right. We’d do well to remember that.



Top Tweets, October 2011

@DanielPink: Teacher Levi Simons: No reason why you can’t get meaningful scientific data from 14-year-olds (via @ boingboing)

Top Tweets, July 2011

@ryanbretag: No doubt BYOD and 1:1 should also receive attention, toward an engaging, personalized learning environment.

Top Tweets, May 2011

@genkioriana: #TLTechForum bullying panel had SO MANY USEFUL LINKS/RESOURCES! (and yes, it deserves the full power of my CAPSLOCK)

Top Tweets, November 2011

@alexanderrusso: More on Facebook’s plot to get its hands on your kids, and efforts to block it


@justintarte: Learning has littlemeaning to students when learnedin isolation without context &transferability. Give learning abigger purpose. #edchat


@lifeisabout: Using mobile technology on trips is a great way of recording learning as it happens – & being able to reflect on experiencesafter #bettchat