TOP TWEETS, June 2012 - Tech Learning

TOP TWEETS, June 2012

Eric Sheninger @NMHS_Principal: How technology is changing the way we teach
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Eric Sheninger @NMHS_Principal: How technology is changing the way we teach

@isteconnects: 10 Commandments of Twitter for Academics

Brian J. Nichols @bjnichols: Redefining Instruction With Technology: 5 Essential Steps

Bill Ferriter @plugusin:3 Ways To Work Smarter Using Google+ Hangouts -




@lifeisabout: Using mobile technology on trips is a great way of recording learning as it happens – & being able to reflect on experiencesafter #bettchat

TOP TWEETS, September 2012

@joe_bower: Instead of increasing school day, how about less testing so we can learn more with the school day we have now?

Top Tweets, January 2012

Edubeat: Closing the achievement gap, but at gifted students’ expense: This post, by Fordham’s Mike Petrilli and AEI’s Ri... sBxPeW

TOP TWEETS, May 2012

Nancy Caramanico: @ncara Americans Reading More Ebooks on Computers Than Ereaders, Phones [


@jordosh : Research Says ParentsAnd Kids Should Play VideoGames Together via @forbes

TOP TWEETS, October 2012

@JaneCaro: I get so excited every time a political leader comes up with an education reform with a large promise in the title. #saidnoteacherever


@mcleod: Authors Who Skype withClasses & Book Clubs ( for free!)