TOP TWEETS, November 2012 - Tech Learning

TOP TWEETS, November 2012

@willrich45: “The absence ofthe teacher in the presenceof the Internet can become apedagogical tool.” Sugata Mitrahttp://bit.ly/LJhv0X
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@willrich45: “The absence of the teacher in the presence of the Internet can become a pedagogical tool.” Sugata Mitra http://bit.ly/LJhv0X

@NMHS_Principal : Atmosphere of Innovation: What’s Your 20% Project? http://buff.ly/OsnStR

@ransomtech: “High school and college students may be “digital natives,” but they’re wretched at searching.” http://www.wired.com/magazine/2011/11/st_thompson_searchresults/



Top Tweets, January 2012

Edubeat: Closing the achievement gap, but at gifted students’ expense: This post, by Fordham’s Mike Petrilli and AEI’s Ri... bit.ly/ sBxPeW

Top Tweets, November 2011

@alexanderrusso: More on Facebook’s plot to get its hands on your kids, and efforts to block it http://ow.ly/6YpZ1

TOP TWEETS, October 2012

@JaneCaro: I get so excited every time a political leader comes up with an education reform with a large promise in the title. #saidnoteacherever

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November 2012, What’s New

PBS LearningMedia has launched acompilation of election-focused digitalresources for K-12 students. The Election2012 Collection features a student-focusednewscast, highlighting issues from the campaigntrail, a multimedia glossary, interactivedigital games, and lesson plans gearedtowards high school students and teachers.


@kylepace RT @ddraper: Wanted: Moregutsy leaders to drive schools intodigital age. http://bit.ly/1ikg86w


@mcleod: Authors Who Skype withClasses & Book Clubs ( for free!)http://bit.ly/1bRFXw1


@joycevalenza: Twitter sells yearsof everyone’s old, vanished Tweetsto online marketing companieshttp://bit.ly/A9lGrO