Top10 Web Stories

1 Posters with Quotes
Özge Karaoglu reviews Recite, which turns your quotes or mottos into posters that you can share with others.

2 Product Review: Texthelp
Carol Holzberg reviews Read&Write Gold for PC, which bundles several electronic tools in a flexible floating desktop toolbar to teach reading, writing, research, and study.

3 Artifacts and Fiction
This workshop from Annenberg Learner shows teachers how to use primary source artifacts to support the teaching of specific pieces of literature.

4 Project-Based Learning and Flipped Classrooms: There Really is a Connection
Michael Gorman shows how these two educational initiatives can complement one another.

5 Fun Timers in Class

Özge Karaoglu lists list some fun timers that can be used in the classroom.

6 50 Ideas for Your Class Webpage
Michele Vance offers suggestions to use for designing a classroom webpage that fits the needs of your school and classroom.

7 Best Tech Practice Video of the Week: Stop Frame Animation
Teacher Curry Gray uses stop-frame animation as an introduction to the wider world of film.

8 Ideas for Supporting #TeacherEffectiveness with #EdTech—Domain 4
Lisa Nielsen shares simple ideas for integrating technology into each component of the teacher evaluation based on the Danielson Framework for Teacher Evaluation.

9 Links to Great Project Based Learning
Michael Gorman’s list of sites that have created data bases of PBL Units.

10 Apps for Creativity and Imagination
Vicki Windman’s list of apps that help students develop mastery as well as their imagination and have fun while learning.