Top10 Web Stories

1 The Leadership Issue: The Big 10

T&L’s picks for leaders who are making a lasting impact on the future of U.S. schools.

2 Make Your Students Aware of This New Twitter Trend

Chris Aviles cautions students, teachers, and coaches to tweet carefully.

3 Free Tool to Create and Share Multimedia Lessons

This free app can enliven lessons and presentations.

4 T&L Reviews Been for Education

David Kapuler reviews this new site that allows educators to safely browse and curate the Web with their students.

5 Edtech Startups Showcased at Boston Event

T&L editor Christine Weiser’s report on LearnLaunchX, featuring demos from Boston’s education technology accelerator.

6 12 Apps for the One iPad Classroom

Monica Burns offers a sampling of classroom apps that can be used with just one iPad.

7 T&L Reviews EDpuzzle

David Kapuler reviews this site that allows users to select a video and customize it by editing, cropping, recording audio, and adding questions to a presentation or lesson.

8 170 Ways to Use Word Clouds in Every Classroom

Michael Gorman shares ways to use word clouds in almost every subject.

9 Talking QR Codes

Monica Burns reports on QR voice, a free Web tool that makes your QR codes start talking.

10 Infographic: Teacher Satisfaction—Turnover vs. Turn-around

This infographic highlights the stats of teacher attrition and teacher stress, as well as key drivers of teacher satisfaction