“Total Mobility Management” Aims to Help Organizations Simplify Mobile Tech

CDW today announced the availability of CDW Total Mobility Management, a portfolio of services and solutions to support IT departments as they plan, deploy and manage mobile technology.

In a study to be released soon, CDW research found that, when asked to grade the mobility policies and support where they work, 56 percent of employees using personal mobile devices for work gave their employers a C or less – and over one-third of IT professionals directly involved in managing mobility for their organizations agreed with that assessment. CDW Total Mobility Management, including services integrated through a customizable Mobility Management Portal, addresses the five critical components of mobile adoption:

1. Planning: Development of the customer’s mobile strategy and road map, data and device policies, security andnetwork integration

2. Enabling: Procurement, provisioning and deployment of devices as well as support for BYOD programs, integrated through one screen using CDW’s Mobility Management Portal, tailored to each customer

3. Protecting: Integrated security and real-time centralized management of mobile devices, applications and content, plus real-time monitoring and expense management through the customized Mobility Management Portal

4. Supporting: Live and self-service help desk services for end users, as well as mobile device management administration, via the customized Mobility Management Portal

5. Empowering: Revolutionizing the way employees work day-to-day through custom app development, self-service app stores, virtualization and collaboration