Transferring files to a new computer

Question: How can I move my laptop files to my new desktop computer? My laptop runs Windows ME and my desktop runs Windows XP.

The IT Guy says:
You have several options for transferring files, but they can be organized in two general areas: using removable media or a direct network connection. Floppy disks do not have enough storage capacity to be of use in cases like this. If you have or can borrow a removable media drive like a zip disk, you can move the files from your laptop to the zip disk, and from the zip disk to your desktop computer. Older zip disks hold only 100 MB, but newer ones can hold 250 MB and even 750 MB. If your laptop is older it most likely does not have a built-in CD recorder, but if you have or can borrow an external CD recorder (including a USB version) you can write your laptop files to CD and then copy them to the desktop computer. An external hard drive can also function in this capacity. Key drives like the USB Flash Drive ( are coming down in price and are very easy to use, as long as both computers have USB ports available.

The second option is to use a direct network connection to transfer files. This can happen in 3 basic ways. If both computers have network cards and are attached to a network, copy files from the laptop to a network directory on a file server to which you have full read/write access. Then repeat the process for the desktop, copying the files from the server to your new computer. Alternatively, if you want to configure one of your computers for file sharing, enable file sharing and access the computer with shared files through ÒMy Network Places.Ó You should disable this file share after using it for security reasons. Lastly, if you do not have access to a server or two network ports for the computers, you can directly connect the computers together with an ethernet crossover cable. One computer still must be configured for file sharing, but the computers can directly connect to one another without need for a separate network or file server. You can purchase a crossover cable, or make one yourself. Search Google for Òhow do I make a crossover cableÓ and use directions like those found on to make your own. Some computers now come with autosensing ethernet ports which allow users to directly connect 2 computers with standard ethernet patch cables. Check the information that came with your computers to see if your NIC card supports crossover connections.

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