Transferring Outlook Files

Question: My desktop computer has Windows NT 4.0 and I want to transfer all files including Outlook’s Email address book to my laptop, which has Windows XP home edition. Please advise the way, including software/hardware connections, that I need to do so.

The IT Guy says:
If you are using Microsoft Outlook with Exchange Server, the easiest way to do this is likely through Exchange Server. If you have a sufficiently large Exchange account quota, move all your saved Email to a folder on your Exchange server. If that is not possible, create a personal mail folder on your file server, and move saved mail there. Your address book entries should be synchronized to the exchange server already, so they should be available to you when you open Outlook on your laptop and it is configured to access Exchange.

If you are not using Exchange Server, choose File – Import and Export and select each folder that you would like to export to a file. In the menu choices, select “export to file†and choose “pst†as the file format. Select both your saved Email directory, and subsequently your contacts folder. Move these PST files to your laptop and reverse this process to import them into Outlook.

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