Types of Distance Learning

A student in Kenosha, Wisconsin commented “If we didn’t have school when it was 19 degrees, we wouldn’t have school all winter!â€

Videoconferencing and online opportunities allow learning anytime from anywhere — no matter what the weather is like. Teachers can sign up for online courses and develop collaborative projects using a variety of interactive tools. My job is to facilitate online learning. I divide Distance Learning into four main categories:

  • Credited coursework for high school or college students
  • Virtual field trips where students visit places they may not be able to visit in person.
  • Interactive one-time videoconferences such as meetings, interviews, and author chats.
  • Collaborative on-going projects where students ask questions, email

Determine in which category your teachers are most interested before you set up the videoconference or online course.

Submitted by:Joan Roehre
Distance Learning Specialist for Kenosha Unified School
District, Wisconsin

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