Unconventional Search Methods

A light bulb went on for me when I was looking for a book that I had read. I could remember some of the contents, but I did not remember the title or the author. I started doing a Google search using any terms I could think of, but I wasn't getting anywhere. Then I thought of doing an Amazon.com search by keyword, but I still didn't find the book.

The light bulb came on when I decided to do an Amazon.com search for a book that I knew was similar to the book for which I was looking. I then slid down the page to find "Explore Similar Items". This led me to a bunch of titles, among which was the title I sought. I decided to save it in my Wish List so that I could find it the next time, or should I want to purchase it.

If that was helpful I wonder whether other large sites might be good places to search for other information. What about eBay? What if I had seen a particular piece of art and remembered what it looked like, but not the name of the piece or the artist? I could go to the eBay Art (opens in new tab) section and choose the period of art in which I am interested and then search by a keyword. It could be an object or a color. Or if I remembered the artist, but not the name of the work I could search for all of the artist's work. There's a good chance that I would probably find it and thus get the name of the piece.

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