Unique AZ District Closes Achievement Gap with Blended Learning Approach

Since implementing a blended learning initiative in 1999, administrators at the Rose Academies have seen their innovative approach pay off, student achievement gaps narrow and graduation rates soar. Looking to build on their initial success, the Rose Academies have chosen to partner with OdysseyWare, provider of online curriculum and eLearning resources for K-12 schools, to be their sole provider of online curriculum at all four campuses.

The Rose Academies, a group of public charter schools, provide students in Tucson, AZ, an alternative education setting designed to support each student's academic needs. The schools' blended learning approach pairs digital content with personalized curriculum to prepare them for post-secondary success, whether in college or exploring a career path.

“We believe our students’ success lies in our ability to ‘Honor the Promise of Education’ for each of them. To us, that means individualizing instruction and personalizing learning in every classroom,” said Rose Academies Superintendent, Kelly Hurtado.

OdysseyWare’s web-based platform and curriculum helps teachers to differentiate instruction, addressing the variety of learning styles found K-12 classrooms. The customizable, research-based curriculum is accessible to students anytime, anywhere, and is designed to reach digital natives who are often challenged within the constraints of the traditional classroom.

OdysseyWare President & Vice Chairman, Kevin Youngblood, comments, “Helping every student achieve academic greatness is our top priority and is at the heart of everything OdysseyWare offers. This falls directly in line with the mission of the Rose Academies. We are thrilled to be their online curriculum provider and look forward to further supporting their goals throughout the life of our partnership.”