Updating Operating System Software(2)

Question: How can I update my operating system software with the latest patches and updates for free?

The IT Guy says:
Newer operating systems like Windows XP and Macintosh OS X have control panel settings or system preference settings that allow for automatic updating of operating system software on a regular schedule: every month, every week, or every day. This is generally a good idea. Just as virus protection software should be running on all computers today and regularly set to "live update" with new virus definitions, operating systems need updating too. Hackers are constantly searching for and finding vulnerabilities in computer operating systems that can be exploited, and whenever a computer is connected to the Internet (whether with a modem or high speed connection), it is always at risk for hacker intrusion and exploitation. Configuring your computer to regularly update the operating system is therefore usually a good idea. You'll have to manually update any older operating systems that aren't capable of automatic updates. Windows users can visit windowsupdate.com to obtain patches and updates. Macintosh users can obtain the same thing for their older operating systems.

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