User Profiles and Data Security

Question: How do we manage user profiles and secure data?

The IT Guy says:
User profiles are generally best managed at the server level. By having students login either with a generic user id or individual user ids, the server can trigger custom scripts to map drives and assign rights. My article "A Beginner's Guide to School Security" addresses some issues about user rights that may be helpful. It also addresses some data security issues.

In general, you want to secure data by storing it on servers physically inside your district firewall, and restricting user access to the server with an appropriate rights strategy.

Look for more information about managing user profiles on the support pages for the server environment you are using, whether that is Novell, Microsoft, Apple, or Sun. Management strategies and steps will vary by the server manufacturer and the software version you are using.

To provide a more specific answer, I really would need to know more about the operating system(s) you are running and the instructional needs of your teachers and students.

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