Vernier Announces Wireless Sensors for STEM Education

Vernier Software & Technology has launched two new wireless sensor families: Go WirelessTM sensors and NODE+ wireless sensors. Go Wireless Temp, the first in a family of wireless sensors designed and engineered by Vernier, collects temperature data when used with an iOS device. Vernier will also carry NODE+ wireless sensors, which are compatible with Graphical AnalysisTM for iPad®and a collection of iOS and AndroidTM apps from Variable, Inc.

Go Wireless Temp is a stainless-steel temperature sensor that allows students to explore temperature in the environment and in systems such as fish tanks, greenhouses, thermal mugs, or heating and cooling devices. Go Wireless Temp is supported by a free iOS app and is compatible with Graphical Analysis for iPad, which is currently available for purchase on the App Store.

Vernier has also partnered with Variable, Inc., to offer NODE+ wireless sensors. Educators can use NODE+ with Graphical Analysis for iPad and a variety of apps from Variable, Inc. These innovative, wireless sensors allow students to explore concepts in topics such as Earth science, environmental science and physical science using mobile devices. Sensor modules for temperature, light, relative humidity, and more are available from Vernier.

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