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Virginia HS Installs Wireless Panic Button Alert Solution

Patrick Henry High School in Glade Spring, Virginia has implemented Ekahau's school safety alerting and wireless panic button solution.
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Patrick Henry High School in Glade Spring, Virginia has implemented Ekahau's school safety alerting and wireless panic button solution.

Patrick Henry High School teachers wear an Ekahau RFID badge on a lanyard and in the event of a medical, disciplinary or other emergency, a teacher pulls down on the badge’s patent-pending safety switch to alert those around them and police dispatch of the emergency, instantly making their location known (e.g. “Room3, PHHS, Med Code Red”). Unlike hard-wired panic buttons, Ekahau’s RFID-over-Wi-Fi badge provides a wireless panic button on-the-go with location-tracking built-in, helping police minimize response times by avoiding lengthy map look-ups and voice dialing.

Ekahau Vision™ software also allows school officials and dispatchers to send mass notifications to teachers’ badges, displayed as text messages on the badge’s LED. In addition, the Ekahau system automatically records and time-stamps all emergency events, where they occurred, who responded and event resolutions, for use and review by School Boards and local police departments.

Patrick Henry High School Principal, Dr. Keith Perrigan said, "By locating the site of the danger quickly, we will be able to immediately respond to medical and other emergencies should they occur. Ekahau’s technology allows us to identify a possible emergency location with the push of a button. Ekahau technology uses our existing Wi-Fi network to dramatically cut down on response times and gives teachers a way to instantly notify first responders of an issue.”



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