Virginia’s Largest District Selects Multimedia Provider

Learn360 (, an interactive media-on-demand service for the K-12 education market, today announces that after a request for proposal (RFP) evaluation of streaming media companies, Fairfax County Public Schools in the state of Virginia will now receive streaming media services from Learn360.

The largest district in Virginia and the 11th largest district in the United States, Fairfax County Public Schools signed a multi-year contract to exclusively use Learn360 as its digital streaming and management provider.

The multi-year contract with the district allows schools to stream or download Learn360’s collection of videos. Fairfax County will also upload custom content to the server for its students and educators to incorporate in lessons. This district-wide contract covers more than 200 schools and allows Learn360 to provide core resources to more than 22,000 teachers and 175,000 students.

“Our schools focus on using multimedia to enhance instruction,” said Karen Sokol, IT project manager at Fairfax County Public Schools. “Our new subscription to Learn360 will allow teachers to select and use streamed videos, audio files, images and other media that can accentuate or reinforce a concept for students.”

Learn360 provides customers with thousands of digital video titles, images, articles, audio files and podcasts from educational publishers such as BBC Motion Gallery, Encyclopedia Britannica, A&E Television Networks and National Geographic, among others.