Washington state district selects SIS

After in-depth evaluation and review of eight student information platforms, Mukilteo (Wash.) School District has selected Aspen, Follett Software Company’s student information system (SIS). The district, located 25 miles north of Seattle, is familiar with Follett Software as it uses the company’s market leading Destiny Library Manager product.

According to Debbie Truax, chief technology officer for Mukilteo School District, the migration to the Aspen SIS represents a step up.

“When we learned that the company supporting our current student information system had gone out of business, we found ourselves needing to quickly find a replacement system,” Truax said. “The functionality in Aspen will be a great upgrade to what we now have. The reporting mechanism will provide a huge enhancement, for example. The ability to have custom elements created easily and seamlessly, and the easy-to-use report generator, will allow our end users to create reports and get data to serve many functions.”

Aspen’s emergence into the Pacific Northwest is part of an overall plan to grow the SIS into the area, said Brad Lindaas, vice president of business operations for the Aspen product line.

“The Mukilteo district’s decision is significant in that our product was matched up in comprehensive comparisons, through several different stages, and Aspen came out on top,” Lindaas said. “The Pacific Northwest is a key market for our SIS, and we are confident that this adoption will be the springboard to many more in the region.”

Truax said that Aspen’s overall technology and underlying infrastructure stood out to the Mukilteo district as the selection process moved through four separate phases.

“While our old system served us well for 14 years, we expect the Aspen system to do an even better job of providing parents and students with access to information, which has become more critical with recent changes in state requirements,” Truax said. “As a result of our migration to Aspen, collecting, managing and reporting student information will be improved and we will be able to provide our staff, students and parents with even better service.”

Mukilteo School District has nearly 14,500 students in 18 schools.