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Water Planet Challenge 2010

  EarthEcho International has partnered with Discovery Education  to launch the Water Planet Challenge
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EarthEcho International, an environmental education nonprofit, has partnered with Discovery Education to launch the Water Planet Challenge. This web-based program provides interactive tools and resources for middle and high school-aged youth to design, create and implement service-learning projects that address environmental concerns in their communities, from water conservation to beachfront cleanups.

“We have a generation seeking resources and tools to take action and create a better future for the planet,” said Philippe Cousteau, Co-Founder and CEO, EarthEcho International. “EarthEcho International and its team of committed partners provide a solution to this challenge through the creation of the Water Planet Challenge, which literally puts the tools of change at the fingertips of youth across the country.”



Water Science for Schools

Name: Water Science for Schools Brief Description of the Site: This site, produced by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), provides any educator that teaches about water resources with a one-stop location for all things water. Information ranging from water basics to a water picture gallery to an activity center

Extrasolar Planets

Extrasolar Planets Poor Pluto! Not only has the ice-ball been demoted from planet-status, but, as of 1995, scientists have determined that there are other planets in other solar systems. They're known as "extrasolar planets" or "exoplanets." As one might guess, detecting them can often be

Falling Water Interactive Tours

Falling Water Interactive Tours Columbia University's Media Center for Art History, Archaeology and Historic Preservation has created this interactive look at one of Frank Lloyd Wright's most acclaimed works, "Falling Waters." The site, currently in beta version, lets users elect one of four areas

Water: H2O=Life

An informative exhibition from the American Museum of Natural History focuses on water, its availability, the threats to clean water, and ways to be better stewards of this precious resource.

Water Motion

Water Motion This interactive tutorial allows students to 'manipulate' wind speed in order to see what effects that has on wavelength, wave height, wave speed and wave frequency. There is also an explanation of the buoy system used for testing waves. Prentice Hall • Learning Games

NASA Planet Profile

Today is the anniversary of the discovery of Neptune in 1846 so it is a great day to learn more about this small planet. Prepared by NASA, this site provides a detailed look at the planet Neptune. The menu tabs

Water Supply and Demand

Water Supply and Demand Learn more about water supply and demand. This site offers information concerning world water distribution, the United States water budget, agricultural and industrial water usage, and household water usage. Environmental Protection

Young Scientist Challenge opens promo image

Young Scientist Challenge opens

 Discovery Education and  3M announce the 2011 call for entries for the 13th annual Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge for students in grades 5th through 8th.