Webpage graphics not loading

Question: Why do some graphics in Internet Explorer sometimes load with a red X?

The IT Guy says:
Usually graphics that do not load properly on a webpage are “broken,†meaning that the link on the webpage to the graphics either has a syntax error or the original image has been moved. Images can show up as broken if they are in a format that is not readable by a web browser. Generally, the most compatible webpage image formats are JPG and GIF formats. Sometimes less experienced webpage authors will put other image formats like bitmap (.BMP) or PhotoShop (.PSD) files directly onto webpages without converting them to GIF or JPG. In this case, the images should be converted using an image editing program to JPG or GIF, and the link to the image changed. Images can also be broken if they have not been uploaded to the webpage server. Sometimes people will upload the HTML file but not all the images: if images are not uploaded, the references to them will appear as broken images that cannot load. Another possibility is that the image included on the page is actually located on a different web server, and that server policy has changed to prohibit images from being directly linked from other web pages. If the broken images are showing up on a webpage you have created, I recommend that you open the image directly in your web browser (choose FILE – OPEN) to make sure the file is not corrupted and that it actually will display properly within a web browser. Then make sure the image file is completely uploaded to the web server you are using. Lastly, reinsert the image into your webpage, and re-upload the webpage to the server (or just save if you are directly editing the webpage with MS Frontpage using Frontpage extensions.) I have more information about adding graphics to webpages on the following page, which is part of a workshop I have taught on creating educational websites: http://www.wtvi.com/html/addinggraphics.html.

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