What keeps your administrator up at night?

This past spring Tech & Learning had the opportunity to host two Tech Forums, which focus on cutting-edge technology in schools and how schools are making this happen despite tight budgets. The first was our inaugural Tech Forum Boston; the second was our ninth annual Tech Forum Chicago.

A highlight of the event is the opportunity to sit down with local superintendents for a frank conversation about their districts’ challenges and solutions. Here are highlights of the Chicago superintendents’ luncheon.

Biggest headaches:

¦ Teachers don’t take risks.
¦ Implementing tech doesn’t always receive the same care and training as integrating more traditional resources.
¦ More schools have to model support for teachers over time, not just offer one-off training.

Best practices:

¦ There is a growing interest in allowing students to bring their own devices.
¦ Some schools have created two networks as a way to protect the school network from viruses, etc. that may come in through these studentowned devices. One network is made public, and the other one is just for the school.
¦ Go wireless for maximum access.
¦ Many administrators reported that their teachers have embraced blended-learning tools.
¦ Some administrators believe that it is important to emphasize inquirybased learning. They wanted to see more of a focus on teaching skills, not just teaching the knowledge needed to pass bubble-sheet tests.

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