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Get up to speed on the latest product releases in the education market.


NetSupport's updated version of NetSupport Protect, version 1.01, provides IT administrators with tools that prevent users from changing their Windows operating system, deleting files, and installing unauthorized software. Other features include controlling access to USB devices and CD-R or DVD drives, hiding files and folders, preventing file creation based on file type, and locking control panels and settings.

Sony Media Software's Super Duper Music Looper, designed for children six to nine years old, teaches kids the basics of making music and recording. It comes with more than 700 studio-quality instruments and sounds for music creation.

Students pick and choose different instruments with their Super Duper Music Looper to create their own music.

Pearson Assessments' Prosper for Shining Star, developed as an assessment tool for Pearson Longman's textbook series, Shining Star, allows educators to administer and manage testing and analyze results. Prosper for Shining Star offers ready-made tests for each of Shining Star's five learning levels. The system can generate individual student reports, comparison reports, cumulative reports, standards and skill summaries, and class summaries.

AppStream's updated streaming solution, AppStream 5.0, features virtualization through partner vendors, interoperability with other desktop applications, a faster application packaging process, icons of streamed technology appearing on desktops, and updated reporting tools.

GlobaLinguist's WordChamp, a Web-based foreign-language instruction tool, helps students learn vocabulary, verb conjunctions, reading comprehension, and pronunciation interactively, providing instant feedback. WordChamp offers instructors detailed progress assessment, the ability to create vocabulary lists and flash cards, and a course management section.

Let's Go Learn's newest addition to its Diagnostic Online Math Assessment series is DOMA Pre-Algebra. DOMA Pre-Algebra's interactive environment assesses the 14 areas that are required to succeed in Algebra I. It provides teachers, parents, and administrators with detailed, diagnostic reports and is aligned with state math standards and NCTM.


GrandTec's (www.grandtec.com) Ultimate Wireless PC to Video Converter allows teachers to deliver varied information (Web, video) from a desktop or laptop computer to a screen display. The converter is compatible with older video displays as well as PCs and Macs, has four transmission channels, and has a 125- to 150-foot range.