What's New in Google - September 2019

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Catch up on everything new in G Suite for Education from September 2019, and see great ideas and resources!

Below is the recorded video from our September 2019 Google User Meeting, along with the meeting agenda and all the awesome resources and G Suite updates from the summer months. This includes 22 new Google updates and 19 Google resources for your class.

The monthly meetings are hosted by the Google Educator Group of Ohio (opens in new tab), but are open to anyone from any location. The purpose of these meetings is to:

  • Connect Google-using educators
  • Share the latest Google Apps news and features
  • Provide tutorials, demonstrations, and how-to’s
  • Share best practices of how Google Apps is being used within schools
  • Ask questions and get answers

The video from the meeting is recorded and available for later viewing for those who cannot attend or connect live. See below to view the recorded video, agenda, and all the resources from the September 2019 meeting:

Note: If you would like to see each of the agenda items with links directly to those spots in the video, open the video using the YouTube link below and then click “Show More” below the video.

 YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQPDDTrmg5g

You can view the full Google Document agenda with links to all the Google Apps updates from the last month, as well as all the resources covered in the meeting in the Google Doc linked below.

 View the agenda - Google Document link (opens in new tab)

Agenda details

Upcoming Events

  • Applied Digital Skills workshop - September 30, 2019 - 12:30pm-3:30pm - SPARCC / Stark County ESC - Free registration (opens in new tab)
  • Future Ready Schools Leadership Institute- October 7-8, 2019- Kalahari Resorts -Website Link (opens in new tab)
  • Learn 21 Conference- October 29, 2019- Ohio State University Ohio Union -Website Link (opens in new tab)
  • Ohio Technology Summit (Makerspace Edition) - October 29th @ Otterbein University - Website Link (opens in new tab)
  • Learning Innovations Conference - November 5, 2019 - Kent State Student Center - Website Link (opens in new tab)
  • Teach Better Conference- November 8-9, 2019- Akron, Ohio -Website Link (opens in new tab)
  • EdTechTeam Ohio Google Summit - Dublin, OH - November 9-10, 2019 - Website Link (opens in new tab)
  • OCALICON 2019! November 20-22 Columbus, OH - Website Link (opens in new tab)
  • WVIZ/PBS Ideastream Tech & Learning Conference - Cleveland, OH - 11/20/19
  • NEOTech 2020 (March 16-17)

What's New in G Suite

  • Switch to a blank screen and set advanced time options for presentations in Google Slides - Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • See when someone is out of office in Gmail and Hangouts Chat- Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • Google Images removes 'exact size' and 'larger than' search filters - Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • Updated Working Hours in Calendar helps colleagues know your schedule- Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • New version of Android brings Live Captioning (opens in new tab) and more Digital Wellbeing tools - Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • Translate Docs into other languages - Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • G Suite Admin Console getting updates including faster loading, improved search, unified app management, and new policies for users and devices - Resource Link (opens in new tab)Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • Display the word count as you type in Google Docs - Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • New improvements for Jamboard mobile and tablet apps - Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • Chrome version 77 adds built-in feature to send webpages to and from your desktop and mobile devices - Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • Form Notifications add-on now available in the G Suite Marketplace - Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • Google Expeditions now has the option to share a link to individual Expeditions and specific scenes - Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • Google launches "Recover Together" website with addiction recovery resources - Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • Google adds Live Caption feature to Hangouts Meet on Android - Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • Google Docs and Slides adds custom line spacing for text - Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • Google Docs adding link preview feature - Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • Chrome gets updates including tab previews, answers in the address bar, color customization, and more - Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • Search, view and add bots directly within Hangouts Chat- Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • Transformation reports from Google for Education are now generally available - Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • Google Assistant comes to more Chromebooks - Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • Dark theme is coming to Gmail for Android and iOS - Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • Find people and rooms more easily on the Hangouts Chat mobile app - Resource Link (opens in new tab)

Show and Tell

  • My, Myself and I Google Slides - Mr. Theriault - Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • Video - "Diving into Google: An advanced search methods tutorial" - Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • SearchReSearch blog from Google's Dan Russell - Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • 30 Ways To Use Google Search For Critical Thinking In The Classroom- Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • 4 Ideas for Promoting Creative Thinking with your Content - Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • Chromebook Gestures- Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • Parent Conference Translator- Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • SnackVids - Easy site to pull the transcript from a YouTube video and help you search for the words you want - Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • Google Slides "Mystery Reveal" Template - Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • "Creator Studio" add-on for Google Slides - Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • 6 Chromebook keyboard shortcuts that save time - Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • Spice Up Your Slides with 600+ Free Design Templates - Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • 3 Tips to Turn Your Lectures into Engaging Conversations - Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • Student Metacognitive Portfolios Using Google Sheets - Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • Learner Portfolios with Google Sites - Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • Hacking Google Sites to create template for student portfolios - Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • The Power of Google Drawings to Engage Students - Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • Bookmarks in Chrome – Everything you need to know to use your bookmarks like a pro! - Resource Link (opens in new tab)
  • How to Manually Update Chromebooks - Resource Link (opens in new tab)

To see the schedule for upcoming Google User Group meetings visit:

Google User Group schedule - https://sites.google.com/view/geg-ohio/monthly-meetings (opens in new tab)

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