Which Laptop is More Durable?

Question: Do you know any studies that compare the relative durability of different brands of laptops in a school setting?

The IT Guy says:
No, unfortunately I do not. Although there are many studies about the impact of these programs on student learning, it is hard to find studies about the laptops' durability.

However, I specifically addressed the issue of laptop durability in my December 22, 2003 IT Guy "Laptop Durability".

And, speaking of studies on laptops: Bob Johnston's August 2003 book, "Never Mind the Laptops: Kids, Computers, and the Transformation of Learning" is a good resource detailing an educational laptop success story in Australia. There are studies relating to Maine's well publicized iBook initiative for middle school students. Clicking on the University of Southern Maine's Center for Education Policy will bring up the following links: "The Maine Learning Technology Initiative: Impact on Students and Learning"; "The Maine Learning Technology Initiative: Impact on the Digital Divide"; "The Maine Learning Technology Initiative: What is the Impact on Teacher Beliefs and Instructional Practices".

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