Why is my mouse causing my computer to slow down?

Question: With my previous mouse I had no problems at all. I bought a new $15 Microsoft laser mouse. It’s fine with most applications and on the desktop, but when I get into simple graphic games (i.e. Counter-Strike) the game lags if I move the mouse around. My graphics card is fine, and everything else seemed to be fine until I purchased the new mouse, one that was not very expensive. I tried reinstalling hardware. I’ve removed Spyware. So, should I buy a new mouse?

The IT Guy says:

Slow system performance when running older games under Windows XP has been documented by lots of folks. You might check out the comments posted at “Running DOS Game on Windows XP” regarding this.

Make sure your new mouse software drivers are installed properly. According to Microsoft’s “Pointer Speed Decreases With IntelliPoint and Slow Mouse” slow mouse problems can be caused when IntelliPoint software is installed and slower pixels-per-inch (PPI) pointing devices are in use.

Another possible source of the problem is electromagnetic interference from your monitor, depending on the type of monitor you are using and its refresh rate settings. Microsoft has more available on this situation at “ Microsoft wireless mouse is unresponsive, inconsistent, or irregular."

Microsoft also offers several suggestions for altering mouse sensitivity while within the MSDOS environment on “ Mouse Cursor Moves Slowly in MS-DOS Sessions” and you may want to try some.

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