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Why Trace an IP Addresses

Question: Why would someone want to trace an IP address?

The IT Guy says:
Generally someone would want to trace an IP address if some type of Internet abuse has taken place, someone is threatening another person, or other illegal activity has taken place via Email and someone wants to report it to authorities.

Whenever an Email message is sent, the header information contains information about the IP address that originated the message. Many Email programs by default suppress this information, because users generally don’t need or want to see this information, but Email client programs can generally show this information by making a menu selection. In Outlook 2003 for Windows, after opening an individual Email message, users can view Internet header info (including originating IP address info) by choosing VIEW – OPTIONS. Internet header information is shown at the bottom of the window. In Entourage 2004 for Macintosh, choose VIEW – SOURCE to show Internet headers.

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