Win2000 Shutdown Problem

Question: Recently I formatted my Windows98-based PC and installed Windows 2000, but after I installed Win2000 the PC does not shutdown properly. The screen hangs at the "It's now safe to shut down your PC" screen. What should I do?

The IT Guy says:
My first response is that it sounds like you don't have a problem: you just need to flip the power switch and turn off your computer manually. Some Windows-based systems require a manual switch shutdown, the shutdown command alone from the START menu does not completely finish the shutdown process.

My second response is a question: why would you install Windows2000? I would recommend you install WindowsXP Professional, and then install all available system updates from Microsoft’s Windows Update. I do not know of any reason why you would want Windows2000 over XP at this point. Most software should be compatible with XP, and, as the most current OS from Redmond, it should offer fewer problems.

If you want to stick with Win2000 for some reason, make sure you've downloaded and installed all available updates for Win2000 available at Windows Update. A large number of bugs were fixed in Service Pack 2 for Windows 2000, so see List of Bugs Fixed in Windows Service Pack 2. Installing all available updates is a must.

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