Win98 dialup shutdown freeze

Question: My Windows98 classroom computer connects to the Internet with a dialup modem connection, but freezes up and shuts down.

The IT Guy says:
Several things could be causing this. First you might install the Windows 98 patch released from Microsoft to address common shutdown lockup problems, as described in an earlier IT Guy tip. Another possibility, especially if this happens only when you are connected with a dialup connection, is that you have some corrupted Internet configuration files.

Try running scan disk (Programs/Accessories/Scandisk) and see if any problems are identified, but they probably won't be. You can try installing an update to your Windows 98 dialup networking software, and the corrupt files may be overwritten by newer ones. Microsoft has instructions and download links for the Windows 98 Dialup Networking 1.4 update at “Dial-Up Networking 1.4 Upgrade Is Availableâ€.

You also might try disconnecting your dialup Internet modem connection before you shut down your computer, to see if the system hang can be avoided that way.

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