Windows 2000 not shutting down part 2

Question: If suggested fixes don't work and my computer still has problems shutting down, where can I go for advice?

The IT Guy says:
Microsoft has a thorough knowledge base article available on this issue entitled, "How to Troubleshoot Problems with Standby Mode, Hibernate Mode, and Shutting Down Your Computer in Windows 2000."

You can also use the task manager (control-alt-del and select task manager) to find out what program or service is running and causing the operating system to hang. Manually quit the suspected programs in the task manager and see if that resolves the issue. The Microsoft article above explains how to boot into safe mode and further troubleshoot the issue. If you recently installed any applications, uninstall them, that could be the culprit.

You can also run a standard scandisk check of your system, but choose the option to delete cross linked files rather than make copies of them. You might also try defragmenting your hard drive.

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