Wireless network performs for Kansas district

Xirrus® announced today the deployment of Xirrus high performance 802.11n Wi-Fi Arrays throughout the Ulysses Unified School District in Ulysses, Kansas.

As a fairly small rural school district, Ulysses USD is able to provide ample attention to all 1,500 students enrolled in the district’s 5 schools. Ulysses USD has made it their mission to ensure an engaging and inspiring learning environment where students and staff members can strive for excellence and achieve their fullest potential. Implementing a reliable wireless network was a huge step in advancing the technological aspects of their learning environment and, consequently, Ulysses USD put in a whole year of evaluation before deciding the solution provided by Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays fit their needs best.

“We researched not only the different wireless brands and models, but also the satisfaction and dependability of the solutions on the market, and, in the end, we made a vital decision to have a site survey done,” said Matt Stein, Technology Director at Ulysses School District. “However, most vendors wanted to charge a substantial fee to show us the quality of their wireless service. All of the products we looked at claimed to be the best, but when we were shown the results of the free wireless survey that Xirrus performed for us, and their unique design, it just made sense to us."

“Two additional features that were key in our decision to deploy Xirrus were the ability to upgrade their products relatively easily and also provide a warrantee that is second to none,” continued Matt. “The Xirrus design allowed us to make fewer cable runs and the load balancing is awesome in an educational environment. Several of our Arrays are covering 3+ classrooms and many of our applications are very network intense, yet the Xirrus product performs flawlessly. We have now been running the Xirrus product for 5 months and have been extremely satisfied. We would highly recommend their product to others that want a quality solution – Xirrus is simply the best on the market.”