YES Prep Public Schools adopts faster PCs

NCP engineering GmbH announced that its 64-bit Windows VPN client has helped the YES Prep Public Schools of Houston, TX to adopt faster PCs for its staff. The school system selected the NCP Secure Entry Client because it supported YES Prep’s network security policies.

The schools want to maintain a constant level of communication between teachers, classroom aides and support staff, and needed to use a variety of devices and operating systems while ensuring compatibility with existing IT equipment. The employees also needed to securely access the school system’s Intranet anytime and from any of the seven campuses.

With NCP’s client, YES Prep Public Schools are now able to integrate data encryption, a personal firewall, Friendly Net Detection and a one-time password token and certificate support through a public key infrastructure (PKI). The firewall allows the school to set policies for ports, IP addresses and segments, and applications. Configuration can be managed centrally or through the Secure Entry Client. Friendly Net Detection forces the network to identify itself to the device, thereby preventing any data packed transfer until a safe network is detected.

Andy Beauchamp, procurement manager at YES Prep Public Schools, says the client has been “especially useful for our IT team as they evaluate Windows 7 and prepare to deploy it across the network.” He adds that the “anytime, anywhere” access helps teachers and staff provide the highest quality education for students. A 30-day trial of the program can be obtained through the following Web site.