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Your Own Quick Tips

You can create or collect Tips for teachers to put on your school or district web site, share at faculty or department meetings, or as a FYI in teacher's boxes. These Tips can be on any subject that teachers find useful: classroom management, lesson planning, parent conferences, etc.

  • Choose someone to be responsible for collecting the tips.
  • Keep paper and a pen next to a box in the faculty room so teachers can write a tip whenever they think of one and drop it in the box.
  • Encourage teachers to write tips for each other by providing some type of incentive for the most original tip for the month.
  • Ask teachers to try to include humor, quotes, and anecdotal stories with some of the tips.
  • Create a website just for the tips, stories, etc. and include a form so teachers can submit tips online.
  • Compile all the tips at the end of the month and archive them on the website.

Here's one tip for you: People remember short, concise pieces of information better than long ones.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray