Your Web Site is a Marketing Tool

I want to better promote my school to potential business partners. What suggestions do you have?

The school's Web site is not only an informational tool for teachers, parents, and students; it is also a potential marketing tool.

Review the Web site from the viewpoint of a potential partner or donor. Are there areas where promising programs are showcased? Does the school's description include information about student demographics, academic performance, and unique circumstances that make the school stand out? Are existing partnerships or grants highlighted? If not, work with the Webmaster to add this kind of information to the site.

Once the site is updated, actively promote it. Add the Internet address to your business card, the school letterhead, and all print communication. Do Internet searches using the school's name to see if the site is listed with search engines such as Google or Alta Vista. If not, these search engines usually have a link that allows you to submit Internet addresses for free listing. Whenever giving a talk to a service club, the school board, or in any other public venue be sure to mention the site and direct audience members to those areas of the site that highlight and promote the school's successes.

Submitted by: Susan Brooks-Young

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