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Emerging Technologies for 2020

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What technology can we expect to see more of in 2020? That was the topic of discussion at the Tech & Learning Leadership Summit which took place December 2019. Leaders from across the United States came together to share the newest technologies being used in their districts.  Here's what they shared: 

AR and VR
Augmented and virtual reality are being used to expose students to cultural experiences they may not have the means to experience otherwise

Tele-Classroom Robotics
Schools using robots for tele-classroom experiences have found that it provides more Social Emotional Learning than what they had imagined 

This is growing across districts. As a result there is competition between districts on what is offered. Local Military are interested in recruiting eSports players to support them in areas such as drone operation.

Voice activated devices
Districts are seeing more and more value in voice activated devices. The focus must turn to addressing recommended use and privacy concerns.

Fiber optics owned by district or state
District or state owned fiber optics can provide more resources among schools systems.

Data privacy
This is a concern around what we can do with data and ultimately need to do in order to help our students.

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