Higher and higher—Tech and Learning goes to college!

Kevin Hogan
Kevin Hogan (Image credit: Future)

Where do I start? As Tech&Learning rolls into its fifth decade, exciting new developments are happening at every turn—improved coverage, expanded topics, new opportunities.

Most exciting? T&L is headed to college. Keeping in the tradition of reporting excellence at T&L’s new parent Future Publishing and brands like TechRadar, PC Gamer, and Tom’s Guide, https://www.techlearninguniversity.com now covers the hottest topics in higher ed today — from esports to cloud to data & security — to give higher ed tech directors the information they need to support instruction through the meaningful use of technology.

“It’s a time of dramatic change in higher ed,” says Contributing Editor Dr. Margot Douaihy. “Tech & Learning University will be a vital media ecosystem for higher education stakeholders—technologists, instructional designers, integrators, faculty, and staff—who want to learn, share, adopt innovative pedagogies, and transform their campuses. As college tuition increases and student enrollment fluctuates, smarter tools and strategies can help schools stay resilient.”

What I find most interesting is that the issues and technologies overlap much more than may be perceived. Granted, kindergarten apps for the iPad may not exactly match up with MIT MOOCs, but I do believe you, the reader, will find inspiration from both. For instance, read page twelve for details on video walls in schools—maybe not something at the top of the budget for your local board of education now, but I believe will be on the docket soon enough. I encourage you to bookmark the page and sign up for the email newsletter.

Happy New Year!