New Year With Technology

New year is on the way and here are some tools to enjoy the last days of this year with your students!

Santa has got an email address here,let's write and wait for his reply.

What about creating a custom letter for Santa? You can film yourself or upload your picture and send it to Santa's mail.

With a picture and your name, Santa can leave you a personalized video message. Try here and see it for yourself. Another alternative is also here.

You can create a personalized Santa story for your kids.Here it is.

Of course, Santa is a great social net-worker! You can follow himon Twitter.

Santa is waiting for you to chat here.

Are you on Santa's good list?? If you want to know,here you go!

Make your personalizedChristmas card and share the joy with others.

Make your online snowflake and let it snow.

What about elfing yourself. It looks fun!

Rain Deer Orchestra is here for you! Touch the noses to make your own music.

Click on Santa's advent calendar and find out new songs and activities to complete for each day.

What about playing an escape the room game with Santa? Help him escape from the room before someone sees him.

Send your greetings with an animated, customized Santa to others,it's here.

You can also create animated and personalized e-cards for others.

You can design your snowflake and watch it snow.Try it here.

What about making your own virtual snowman? You can try this one or thisor decorate your Christmas tree!

Make Santa jump, hop, dance, sing!! Write whatever you want and Santa does it for you on SimonSezSanta.

and cheers to a New Year!!

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