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Assess achievement to align your curriculum

 Continuing the focus on the recently released national Ed Tech Plan, the second of the 5 key goals is assessment.
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Continuing the focus on the recently released national Ed Tech Plan, the second of the 5 key goals is assessment. Review below how assessments can help your classroom. Start by setting the standard for achievement and then work towards this goal. Be sure to communicate; the student and teacher need to share a common understanding of what quality work is.

  • Assessments are not meant to be easy. Students should be challenged with focused questions in areas they likely haven't thought about.
  • Assessment should focus on the application of technology and 21st century skills in the classroom. Students need to know how to use technology and how to apply it.
  • Student assessment aids identification of areas of greatest instructional need.

Once results are tallied, review your curriculum projects to target technology gaps. Focus on changing the learning process and engaging your students. And, don’t forget about using teacher assessment for your own professional development. Finding gaps in your knowledge lets you know what you need to learn next. Next week we’ll discuss the third key goal of the Ed Tech Plan: teaching.

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