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Blended Training Session

Do you have technology in your school that is merely sitting around, collecting dust?  If you do, breathe new life into these technologies 
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Do you have technology in your school that is merely sitting around, collecting dust? If you do, breathe new life into these technologies! We will discuss ways for you to get your staff excited about your technology again over the next four weeks.

This week, we will discuss blended training. Don’t just bring the students to the computer lab for a day of learning computer skills and then not use that technology continuously throughout the course. Without the continued use of learned technology skills, students are sure to soon lose many skills. A blended learning initiative will encourage the synchronous use of technology and the traditional classroom lessons, assignments, and projects to develop strong 21st century skills in your students.

The kickoff of a blended learning initiative will encourage teachers to dust off any unused technology in your school and develop lesson plans that take advantage of these forgotten tools. Backing a blended learning initiative will not only allow you to breathe new life into your unused technology, but it will also help you reach your ultimate goal of positively impacting student achievement in the classroom.

Next week, we will be discussing online support.

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Understanding 21st Century Skills Training Gaps

Because every district’s, school’s and employee's 21st century skills knowledge differs, it is crucial that you understand the state of your participants'  21st century skills before they start to develop new skills. In order to customize your PD program on

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Video Tutorial: Dropbox Training

On your computer, it's just like using any other folder on your hard drive, except the files you drag into your Dropbox folder automatically sync online and to any other computers or mobile devices linked to your account.

Just-in-time PD Training is the Trend

Last week’s PD Tips focused on the top key challenge facing education technology in the coming years—based on the 2011 Horizon Report K 12 Edition (pdf) —teacher preparation and ongoing training. This edition revolves around the ongoing trend toward immediate and

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Blended Learning

Like many of the inside baseball terms tossed about the edtech space, “virtual” and “blended” learning mean different things to different audiences.

Making Training Sessions Relevant

Tip: Time is precious, especially to busy teachers who are asked to give up three days over the summer for technology-based staff training. Even though the three days are comped during the academic year, the staff appreciates the chance to make those days count. We ask them to indicate their own needs and interests